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Ken Fisher Answers: What are your thoughts on cryptocurrencies and bitcoin? | Fisher Investments

“Ken Fisher, Founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Fisher Investments, discusses his thoughts on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Fisher gives examples of smart people doing stupid things in the back half of bull markets such that investors shouldn’t be swayed by the crypto investments of other famous investors. Rather, the key should be…

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Bitcoin Derivatives Clearly Explained

Firstly, thanks for watching I appreciate your support! Please like, share and subscribe for more crypto news! 🎓 Join Nugget’s Crypto Community: 🎧 Nugget’s Crypto Podcast Spotify: iTunes: 👫👭👬Socials Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: Reddit: 📬 Nugget’s Weekly E-News: 📲 Contact Us: 🇦🇺 Own Cryptocurrency in your Self Managed Super Fund (“NUGGET” When completing the application)…

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The Case for Investing in Bitcoin

After more than 500 videos talking about cryptocurrencies, I realised that I never put together a stand-alone video that outlined the case for investing in Bitcoin. So here’s the case for investing in Bitcoin – the way I see it at least. DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I…

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How Bitcoin in China Is Subverting the System

Bitcoin. It’s a big deal in China. It can be used to subvert government controls. And the government can’t shut it down. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, China Uncensored producer Matt Gnaizda sat down with Bitcoin expert Leo Wheese. He’s the President of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong. YouTube demonetizes our channels! We need…

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🔴BEST BITCOIN DICE! Win Bitcoin Instantly Cryptocurrency game3

IF you want to earn upto 5 btc contact for secret script and seed code. Support Telegram: Or E-mail: REGISTER HERE: sharkoin; Luckygames: Luckygames alternative: pharaohdice: Sharkroullete: Duckdice: bitstarz: bitstarz referral code: 4d595f78 ************************************** Tips on playing bitcoin games While the iGaming scene can be thrilling and enticing, carefully read these tips before you…

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